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"As a first rate public speaker and one of the nation's experts in substance abuse, Carol Falkowski cuts to the chase.  Her facts and figures are masterfully woven in with practical information you can use - information for action. She makes the most complex concepts easily understood and boils them down into the basics of what you need to know. She's funny with a quick wit and uses both to punctuate real life stories. She clearly enjoys her work and it shows.  If you want the best speaker on substance abuse and what can be done about it, Carol Falkowski is the cream of the crop!"

Bowen White, M.D.
Author, Why Normal Isn't Healthy
Kansas City, Missouri


"Carol has a unique gift of being able to take data from the street and see the trends that are appearing and especially the services needed to meet the coming needs. She not only is an epidemiologist who can track trends in the data, but she brings special strengths and experience in knowing and understanding what substance abuse treatment is, how it works, and the benefits in matching the addict with appropriate treatment.

Her 30 years working in this field give her an understanding of how things change and how certain patterns of use never change.  This longitudinal view is critical to really understand what is happening, the needs of the addicted, and how to best respond to their needs to return them to a healthy life."

Jane C. Maxwell, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Addiction Research Institute
Center for Social Work Research
The University of Texas at Austin



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